Web Design

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Your website is your company’s presence and voice on the Internet. Your website creates your perception with customers and prospects alike. So, it’s critical that your website be done just right.

Our job is to help you grow your business, through the timely and effective use of the Internet. Contact us today and learn more about how Business Blocks can help provide effective marketing communication support for your company.

The internet has kick-started a communications revolution that is helping businesses reduce costs, become more efficient, find new business opportunities and work more closely with customers and suppliers.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Choose from Pre-designed Website Templates,
  2. Any customisation will be taken as Custom Project and will be billed per hour,
  3. All Content has to be submitted before any work can commence,
  4. Content as to be submitted using the Word Template Provided or using the Online Form,
  5. 50% Deposit is required in advance, no exceptions,
  6. Max. 4 Hours of Time per Project, Additional time will be billed at €35 per hour